Preston Trail of Celina & Gunter
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Preston Trail
The Preston Trail Rotary Club was established in 2008 with the aim of fostering service, goodwill, and fellowship throughout the community. Club members have unique opportunities to contribute locally and globally. Becoming a Rotarian offers the chance to connect with a diverse group of professionals united by the drive to make a meaningful difference in both their community and the wider world.
Are you an established professional seeking to create a positive impact on your community or the world at large? We invite you to consider joining Rotary today.
Community service stands as one of Rotary’s fundamental Avenues of Service, motivating Rotarians to extend assistance to their communities. Each Rotary club and individual Rotarian bears the responsibility to seek out means of enhancing the quality of life within their communities and to serve the public interest. Rotary members embody a commitment to taking actionable steps toward community betterment. This year, the Preston Trail Rotary Club has elevated its engagement
in community service events, profoundly impacting the local area. Through Rotary clubs, individuals from diverse continents and cultures converge, fostering idea exchange, forging friendships, and building professional networks, all while contributing to positive change both locally and globally.


Serving the area of Celina and Gunter!
The goal of the Preston Trail Rotary Club is to see the American flag in front of every home and business around the Celina and Gunter area on these important dates in our history.  Join us in celebrating our national holidays by flying the red, white, and blue.
When you lease a flag, we will install a sleeve into the ground near your front curb and discreetly mark the curb so we know you are a supporter.  Prior to the holiday, a 3’ x 5’ US flag mounted on a 10-foot metal pole will be placed in the sleeve.  The flag will be removed after the holiday.  We purchase, display, store, and maintain the flag for $70 per flag per year.  You will be billed for each year on the anniversary date.
PLEASE NOTE - Orders must be placed 10 business days prior to a holiday to ensure installation.
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These principles have been developed over the years to provide Rotarians with a strong, common purpose and direction. They serve as a foundation for our relationships with each other and the actions we take in the world.
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Preston Trail

We meet In Person
Fridays at 12:00 PM
Lamar National Bank
110 S Preston Rd
Celina, TX 75009
United States of America
1st & 3rd Friday of the Month.
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