Preston Trail of Celina & Gunter
Serving the area of Celina and Gunter!
The goal of the Preston Trail Rotary Club is to see the American flag in front of every home and business around the Celina and Gunter area on these important dates in our history.  Join us in celebrating our national holidays by flying the red, white, and blue.
When you lease a flag, we will install a sleeve into the ground near your front curb and discreetly mark the curb so we know you are a supporter.  Prior to the holiday, a 3’ x 5’ US flag mounted on a 10-foot metal pole will be placed in the sleeve.  The flag will be removed after the holiday.  We purchase, display, store, and maintain the flag for $70 per flag per year.  You will be billed for each year on the anniversary date.
PLEASE NOTE - Orders must be placed 10 business days prior to a holiday to ensure installation.
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Serving the area of Celina and Gunter.
Your contribution will benefit the Preston Trail of Celina and Gunter Rotary Club and its community service programs.  Preston Trail Rotary Club supports many local charities including libraries, parks, students, fire departments, and much more.  Our Foundation also supports international service projects approved by Rotary International such as Global Safe Clean Water Initiatives and Polio Plus to eradicate polio worldwide.
25% of all flag sales go directly to local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts along with other youth groups for ongoing flag service.
Flag Distribution Days
Presidents' Day
Memorial Day, Flag Day, Juneteenth through Independence Day
Labor Day through Patriots Day 
Veterans Day
Customers lease a flag for 4 distributions covering 8 holidays.  As a community fundraiser and to show our colors, the local Rotary Club manages the flag program as the adults in charge.  The Rotary Club helps local scout units raise funds for their activities by inviting the scouts to deliver, post, and retrieve flags during each holiday listed above.  The customer has a duty to care for the flag by checking it daily.  Some customers have installed lights for their flags at night.  Some install black ribbons to indicate half-staff.  Some customers remove their flag each evening and repost every morning.  These are all customer preferences for caring for their flag.  No one should feel required to do anything or feel the need to report any neighbor who does things differently.  Let's all show our colors however we choose and just be happy for our holidays and funds raised to help various projects all around the world and in our own communities through this very important program. 
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